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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wow. It's Been Five Months

My laptop was stolen out of my room on March 15th. It took four months to get the insurance claim money and buy a new one. And a month to get caught up on overdue business like PC reports and school loan nightmare paperwork.

I'm very grateful for the new laptop and hopefully I'll grow to like it better than I do now. Technology keeps changing and a person needs to adapt or be stuck and left behind, right?. I didn't really have options on systems. Windows 8 it is and I'm in with the people who say it sucks. Trying to be an Apple when you're not isn't going to make you an Apple.

This is my first blog with it and there's much to share. I got my Open Water Diver's Certification. hit the one year mark and now the half way mark, but who's counting?

I must have OCD. I went to look at old blogs and discovered pictures blocked? WTF? Figured out what happened. I was using Picasa and got a message saying my space was used up, I'd have to pay money for more use. So I looked at my pictures and saw so many duplicates. How'd that happen? I don't know. I deleted all the duplicates not realizing I was deleting them from my blogs as well.

Guess what I've spent a couple hours doing? Putting the photos back in the blogs even though no one will be going back to read them. OCD?
 Now I see I'm not forced to use Picasa like I was before.